We are an online store dedicated to seeking the best user experience through a delicate selection of handcrafted products.

Our products range from handmade articles made with cowhide, among which are, wine holders, mates, etc.

We also have a delicate selection of handmade knives made with excellent quality stainless steel and their handles are worked with deer, cow or bone horns.
We also include a wide selection of carving sets and rotisserie knives.
All our products are handmade and originating in Argentina and Uruguay

Our motto is "better products, better moments", which means that we will do everything possible to obtain the best products and that these directly impact your experience and your day-to-day life.

We believe that living is a beautiful gift, that is why our store seeks that the gifts you can give yourself or your loved ones are as beautiful as life itself.

Thank you for visiting us, and if you think that we are not doing it as we say, write to us at info@electragifts.com.