Knife dagger (Galloneado model) Fixed Blade Alpaca Silver Gaucho Knife - Limited Edition traditional Argentina

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Knife dagger Fixed Blade Alpaca Silver Gaucho Knife - Limited Edition traditional Argentina-

An outstanding addition to any knife collection! 


Our Cuchillo Gaucho Knife has been crafted by the skilled hands of Artisanal in Tandil, Argentina, world renowned as the best in hand crafted Argentinian knives. 

A hand forged, 14cm Dagger 440 stainless steel, convex knife blade. 

Over-all length of piece is 11", 14cm blade measures approximately 6" (in non-metric terms) Alpaca silver is also called German silver and sometimes 800. 





It is not and should not be confused with sterling silver. Alpaca silver is difficult to distinguish from sterling silver. 

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It's appearance is like that of sterling silver however alpaca silver is harder than sterling, does not scratch as easily as sterling can and best of all, it rarely tarnishes.


The "verijero" knife is today considered a collector's item by barbecue fans in Argentina.

This traditional knife can be made with ordinary steel, a wooden handle and a leather sheath, or with high-quality alloys, animal antlers, and precious materials such as silver and gold, along with sophisticated metalwork.

The photo of the gaucho is illustrative, it is a similar knife




There are artisans who specialize specifically in the making of these fine knives, which went from being a rural tool to an object of worship for lovers of Argentine tradition.

The verijero is a type of short facón, being the most popular used by the gauchos.

Weight and measurements:

length of piece is 11 ", 28 cms

blade measures approximately 6 ", 14cm

Weight: 300 grams

Care instructions

Hand wash with warm water and a mild detergent; rinse and dry immediately.


Package Dimensions: 11.1 x 2.0 x 1.2 inches