Premium Yerba Mate Gourd (Mate Cup) - Uruguayan Mate – IMPERIAL style Leather Wrapped - Includes Alpaca Bombilla (Straw) (Black, Leather)

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Premium IMPERIAL Mate with CHISELED ALPACA Ferrule + Gift alpaca bombilla (Straw) 


- 3mm thick Premium Cowhide Leather 

- Pre-selected pumpkins with wide walls (less interior volume, less consumption of yerba mate) 

- Turned ferrules of ALPACA Premium CHISELED 
- 4 reinforced and stable legs. 
- Internal stitching with two needles 
- Uruguayan Style Mates 

All mates are different, but we guarantee that they are all large sizes by respecting the indicated measurements. 
Each Calabash Gourd grows uniquely, no two are the same. 
Each piece is unique 


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Height: 5.11 inches (+/- 0.7 inches) 
Ferrule External Diameter: 4.33 inches (+/- 0.7 inches) 
Ferrule Internal Diameter: 2.36 (+/- 0.7 inches) 


- Alpaca bombilla (Straw) 
- Instructions for Healing. 


mate gourd

- Black 
- simile crocodile  (dark red) 

Following the steps you can enjoy a mate for life! 

The photos of our products are real, by the work of nature, each mate cup is unique, so there may be variations regarding size or shape, always prioritizing its quality. 

If you want to give this product as a gift, let us know and we will gift-wrap it at no additional cost. 


Color: Black


  • yerba mate
  • Uruguayan Mate
  • Handmade Mate cup
  • Leather Wrapped
  • Alpaca bombilla (straw)
  • Gourd/Calabaza

Package Dimensions: 7.9 x 4.9 x 4.9 inches


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